The Home based childcare business has a unique set of rules unlike any other business when it comes to bookkeeping and tax time. As you prepare to take on the task of managing your business you need to consider a few things. The only wrong way to do your bookkeeping is to not do them at all! Your bookkeeping system needs to be  Accurate, Complete, Ongoing, and Organized. It needs to be Simple enough that you will do it. Practical enough that can do it. And Manageable enough that, along with the many aspects of managing your family, you will properly manage your business. Throughout this web site you are going to find the necessary tools you will need to accomplish these management tasks. Acquiring these necessary skills should be a priority as you start your new business, or become more organized with your current business. If you wait until you become busy caring for the children entrusted in your care you will find it much more difficult to develop a bookkeeping system than if you had started using a system to manage your books at the beginning.  You need to keep an accurate record of all of your income. You need to know the hours that you are open and the hours that you spend preparing for the children. You need to have an accurate method of keeping track of all your costs associated with running your business. Return to this site often, We are confident that you will find this site useful.

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